Components of the AAFC Stereoscopic PIV System

Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (SPIV)

The Applied Aerodynamics and Flow Control laboratory is equipped with a Stereoscopic PIV system that enables us to obtain accurate flow field visualizations by imaging particles at different planes, illuminated by a laser light sheet, through two high speed cameras. Images obtained through these cameras captures particle displacement over time, which are then processed to obtain the true particle displacements and a 3-D velocity field vector is generated which accurately depicts the flow condition at the region of interest.

Testing section of the recirculating wind tunnel

Subsonic Wind Tunnel

The system is a closed recirculating wind tunnel with the flow loop arranged in a horizontal configuration. The wind tunnel has a contraction area ratio of 6.25:1, with a symmetrical cross section and analytically developed contours. The primary diffusion section expands with a total included angle of 3.93 degrees. The subsonic wind tunnel has an operable test section of (18" x 18" x 72") inches. The wind tunnel speed can be varied from 3.0 m/s to 55.0 m/s using a 20 HP motor to drive the ducted fan aiming for a velocity variation of less than 1% of the free-stream velocity and a turbulence level of less than 0.5%.